Karina Meets the Robots @schwere reiter NEU



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Live video from Schwere Reiter (edit) accepted by   TENOR Hamburg, DE 


Domagk-Atelierhaus Studio Video: Karina Erhard (fl) and machine accepted by    Klingtgut Symposion Hamburg, DE May 14, 16:30H: Meet the Artist II, see Programme.pdf page 38 and digital p38


Violinautomat is invited to perform at  NIME2021 New Interfaces In Musical Expression by

New York University Shanghai, CN, June 15-18, 2021


Serving    REAL:WORK2021  Jahreskongreß Munich, DE/Online; in the entertainment programm, June 29, 2021!


Violinautomat duet / interactive with Flute accepted at Graz,AT/Online, July 12, 2021: xCoAx


"Approaches" was presented at ICMC2021 Santiago de Chile, CL July 25-31. 2021 online


 Audio Mostly21 played video "short edit of premiere" with Automaton and Karina Erhard. Sept 1, online from Trento, IT.


Violinautomat invited to  ATEMPORANEA Buenos Aires, AR  "reprogramará del lunes 13 al sábado 18 de septiembre de 2021 y se realizará en formato online"


 On Sept 26 In the Nazareth Church Munich, DE, at the Ambient Wave Festival, Genre NewMusic: Gerber, Erhard and assorted Machines


"Don´t block the Flöte" für Flutist and Altorecorderrobot" at Schwere Reiter NEU Munich, DE on Oct 3, 2021, 17:30 during MGNM Musikfest. Program notes (German)


Approaches to be presented in Internet Gallery of Studio300 Festival of Transylvania University  Lexington, KY, US from Oct 6, 2021.


 CMMR Tokyo, JP  Received "Best Music award" from 15th International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR)


Coming Soon


"Karina meets the Robots" featuring Karina Erhard on flutes backed by an ensemble of machines from Christoph Reiserer und K.F. Gerber. Dec 10, 2021 at Schwere Reiter NEU


"Approaches Re-Assembled" by Friedemann von Rechenberg released on DEGEM CD20 "im hier und jetzt oder nie" (Curator Anne Wellmer) and on Spotify.




"Sie machen auch Roboterjazz?" fragt Münchens  Kulturreferent Anton Biebl bei der Verleihug der Urkunde "Neue Medien/Junge Kunst" an Karina Erhard.


Kein Projekt von Roboterjazz, aber ehrenvoll und erfreulich!

 Jurybegründung 2021 Musikprojekte












Foto: 16.11.21 im neuen Gasteig München.

Friedemann von Rechenberg and Karl Friedrich Gerber with the Alto-Recorder Machine.

Karina Erhard with three machines in Nazarethkirche, München

Previous Recorder Project; here with Tenor Recorder; planned is Alto instead!

Hammered Zither

New Project: Soprano Streichpsalter with "Cat´s Whiskers Motors.

Bowed Psaltery:  Potential of 21 independent bows....driving mechnism to be added 


Video from Live Streaming of TNMAS Performance #6 "Homestory" by Karl F. Gerber on Sat Dec 19, 17:00 Bangkok Time ( 11:00 Munich time)