Great News

Live video from Schwere Reiter (edit) accepted by   TENOR Hamburg  


Domagk-Atelierhaus Studio Video: Karina Erhard and machine accepted by    Klingtgut Symposion May 14, 16:30H: Meet the Artist II, see Programme.pdf page 38 and digital p38


Violinautomat duet / interactive with Flute accepted at Graz/Online, July 2021: xCoAx


Violinautomat is invited to perform at  NIME2021 New Interfaces In Musical Expression by

New York University Shanghai, China, June 15-18, 2021

Recorder Project; here with Tenor Recorder

Hammered Zither

New Project: Soprano Streichpsalter with "Cat´s Whiskers Motors.


Video from Live Streaming of TNMAS Performance #6 "Homestory" by Karl F. Gerber on Sat Dec 19, 17:00 Bangkok Time ( 11:00 Munich time)