Friedemann von Rechenberg: significant contributions:

Einstein Munich, DE, Feb 4: Abgefahrene  Automaten w/ Friedemann von Rechenberg (left).

Holding the Recorder Automaton.

The sound track of work "Approaches" was  re-assembled" by Friedemann von Rechenberg and finally  released on DEGEM CD20 "im hier und jetzt oder nie" (Curator Anne Wellmer) and on Spotify.


Further edits by Friedmann: Fixed media piece SensorsFor (Gerber/von Rechenberg) has been selected in the STEREO tape category by APNÉES from Grenoble(F)!


Ars Electronica Forum Wallis CH has chosen my piece ForSensors for presentation (March 11, 2023, ten selected out of 250 international submissions). The final audio-assemblage and mix I owe to the wonderful Friedemann von Rechenberg.